Hard To Keep Up

One of my biggest problems has been keeping my internet open and operational. I can’t always update when I want or need to. So just a quick recap to let everyone know what’s up.

It is a boy, and his name will be Elias.

Summer started and then the rains came.

There will be no fruit this year between the freezes and the hail.

My land lord’s maintenance guy cut my pumpkin plant off with the weed whacker.

My mother’s garden is doing very well, despite the weeds. We actually got to harvest some green beans yesterday for lunch.

Yesterday was the 4th of July. My husband was off, but I wasn’t, and no one wanted to do anything with him.

Finally, today is payday, and I have to go pay bills in between getting the check at 2PM and getting Nick to work at 4PM.

(Sigh.) No rest for the weary.


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