Who is CFarmerlady?  She’s Jenifer Church, and she’s going to try this blogging thing again. And she’s a dreamer.

In order, I want to buy land and a house, adopt children, be a stay-at-home mom, homesteader and home-schooler. I’ve been told that I’m mating with almonds, if you catch my drift, because not one of those dreams is going to be easy to achieve, and there are five of them. Or one, depending on how you count it. It’s all the same dream, really, one big, simple, but not easy, life style. I’ve got fifty million things that have to be done, have to be learned, experienced, before I’m even ready to start. But I know where I’m going, I know what is needed.

Dave Ramsey says that a goal is a dream with a plan. Well, I’m nothing if not a planner, and that’s one of the things that makes me think I can do all this. I haven’t figured out everything, of course. My husband is going to school, which reduces the amount of time I have to learn things. I work 6 days a week, which reduces it further. I’ve got to save the money for the land and the house, the adoption (we want to adopt 2-4 siblings), and the first year of my not working outside the home. Nick will get a better job once he’s out of school, and I won’t quit working until he has that job, at the very least making this a three-year endeavor. We have to buy a small tractor, a pickup truck, livestock, seed, and irrigation plumbing, as well as the aquaponics equipment and setup.

But does that deter me? Nope.

What worries me is the fact that my husband is not going to be part of the farming. Oh, he’ll be a wonderful father, and he’ll help me to raise and educate the kids, but the farm? Heck no! It’s so funny. I was raised in the city and I want to be a farmer. He was raised in the country, in a little bitty town, and he wants to be a big-city journalist. 🙂 I love him, but we are so different, you’d never think from our life-paths that we’d even have anything to do with one another. We iron it out without too many wrinkles pressed in, though, and we both are the other’s rock of support for our particular dreams.

So, if you decide to follow my blog, keep in mind that it’s a giant organization tool for my learning process at this point. I’m going to use it to document what I learn, collect links and bibliographies. And hopefully, you can learn along with me, dear readers. Hey, maybe we’ll all become experts! 😀


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