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Mother Nature

This is storm season, and I almost ignored it.

Oh, I worried about family in Oklahoma, prayed for Shawnee and Moore, and generally nodded my head in a grave fashion when reading reports from those stricken areas.  But I live in Amarillo.  I’m safe here because tornadoes never hit the city.

Last night was a wake-up call.  While they’re arguing over whether this was really a tornado in the city (if it was it was like an F-0), it was obviously very possible for us to get slammed last night.  As it is, there’s massive wind and hail damage, broken glass, downed trees.  There was a lot of flooding, and they even had to close I-40 because of it.  Landscape companies are laughing all the way to the bank, and the insurance companies are busy little bees this morning.

This was a lesson I needed to learn, for sure. It’s time to stop being complacent.  And wherever DH and I end up buying our land, the first thing to go in will be the root cellar, because it will double as our storm shelter.  It will have water and food, a battery-powered weather radio, flashlights, and a first aid kit.  Probably sleeping bags and folding cots and chairs, too.  The freezer will be down there, but I’m thinking a small camp stove wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’ll have to develop these ideas, but the idea is to be ready for an emergency.

After all, weather record or no, we still live in Tornado Alley.